Top 5 Pressure Cooker Tools

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Have you bought a new pressure cooker or contemplating to buy one for Christmas? And you want to know what pressure cooker accessories you should also buy to accompany your pressure cooker? If that’s the case, you have landed at the right place. Below I have reviewed the best pressure cooker accessories that you should try using. These accessories will help you get the best from your new machine. Sit back and enjoy the cooking

1. The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Steamer

This is the accessory you will find yourself using most in your pressure cooker. This is the tool of choice of you are contemplating on steaming anything, more so your vegetables. This tool will keep your potatoes away from the water when cooking meals such as cheesy potatoes, potato salad and potato cheese soup. Therefore ensuring that your potatoes remain firm and chunky and yet very tender and delicious. You should definitely try this tool out. It is worth the money.

2. Silicone Mini-Mitts

It is easy to use potholders or even a kitchen towel to handle your pressure cooker. However, these mini-mitts are the best when it comes to handling a pressure cooker. They will make easier than you thought when it comes to handling an electric cooker or lifting the lid of any cooker. These tools are also very good for the oven. And since they are waterproof, they will protect your skin and fingers in case you dip them in the boiling soup. With these handlers, you are definitely covered.

3. Flat edged wooden spoon Before you lock the lid of any pressure cooker, most recipes will require you to scrape and stir the pan’s bottom to ensure that nothing is sticking. When something sticks at the bottom of the pan, it means burning. You don’t want your favorite meal to come out of that port with the smell of burnt food. To avoid this, I would strongly advise a flat edged wooden spoon. This will give you the much needed contact with the pan and avoid sticking

4. Stick Blender If you constantly use pressure cookers, you will come to find out that you soups and stews will come out thin due to the lack of evaporation. Now, that’s where a stick blender comes. With this tool, you can scoop out a ladle of beans and the puree them and finally put them back, together with chili to make your soup thick. This will make your soups and stews deliciously thick. You should try it out.

5. Fat separator Most of the pressure recipes benefit from de-fatting. All you have to do is scoop the solids from the pressure cooker and then pour the liquid into a fat separator and then wait for the oil to rise up. The spout which is at the bottom allows you to remove the liquids and leave the fat.

Having learnt all this, it is definitely the time to go out and grab one of these accessories for your pressure cooker. They will make your cooking easy and fun. You may take help from electric pressure cooker reviews blog to aid in your decision to buy the top rated pressure cooker.