How To Do a Waterfall Braid Tutorial | Step By Step

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If you want a tutorial on how to do the gorgeous waterfall braid style above, stay tuned.

I’ll start by saying that braiding is a skill all its own.

Anyone who has ever tried to braid for the first time will tell you that they’ve never had a more frustrating experience using their fingers. Braids are intricate and precise. Any misstep can and will lead to utter chaos. What was supposed to be a pretty french braid ends up looking like someone’s two-year old was let loose on your hair.

That’s okay, because as long as their is the wondrous internet with its bountiful and infinite knowledge, you will never be led astray again. Braiding can be a terrible challenge for some people, but if it’s taken slowly and carefully what was once impossible can be made very possible.

It just takes a little patience…and a step-by-step tutorial of course!

The #1 braid to master is the waterfall braid. If you can nail this, all other braids will be a skip through the daisies.

So, let’s begin.

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1. First, start by taking two sections of hair near the crown of the head. To eliminate confusion we’ll call the section closest to the forehead section one and the one behind it section two. We’ll number each new one. That should make it a little easier.

2. Then, take the section of hair closest to the forehead and pull it back and over the other section as if you a starting a twist. But, please don’t become tempted to actually twist the hair.

3. The next is to taking an entirely new third section from the top of your head and letting it fall over the piece you just pulled away from your face.


4. After that, just drop the third second and it should fall straight through the middle of your twist. Notice how it creates a sort of waterfall through the twist, hench the name.


5. The next step is to take section two (the one on the bottom in step four) and cross it over section three (the “waterfall” section). Then take an entirely new fourth section from the top of the head and drop it the same we did with section three in order to create another waterfall.


6. This step shows section four after it’s been “waterfalled” and it now looks identical to section three, the first waterfall piece. If you haven’t noticed by now, there’s a pattern. Step 1 in which we split two sections of hair, and step two where we pulled section one over section two are the only original steps. Everything after that repeats the same pattern: pull whatever section (either one or two) over the other to “close off” (refer to step 6) the side of the twist which would allow two waterfalled pieces to merge together and ruin the effect, take a new section of hair from the top, drop it through the twist, “close off” again, take new hair, drop, etc.


7. Repeat the process until you reach the the desire length.


8. Take the hair left at the end and braid it using a regular three-strand braiding technique.


9. To hide the excess braid, tuck it under layers of hair it the back, pinning it in place with bobby pins in an X shape.

And it’s as easy as nine steps.

Hopefully this step-by-step tutorial was helpful and you can confidently execute a waterfall braid with success and ease.

Happy braiding, everyone!