Top 5 Pressure Cooker Tools

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Have you bought a new pressure cooker or contemplating to buy one for Christmas? And you want to know what pressure cooker accessories you should also buy to accompany your pressure cooker? If that’s the case, you have landed at the right place. Below I have reviewed the best pressure cooker accessories that you should try using. These accessories will help you get the best from your new machine. Sit back and enjoy the cooking

1. The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Steamer

This is the accessory you will find yourself using most in your pressure cooker. This is the tool of choice of you are contemplating on steaming anything, more so your vegetables. This tool will keep your potatoes away from the water when cooking meals such as cheesy potatoes, potato salad and potato cheese soup. Therefore ensuring that your potatoes remain firm and chunky and yet very tender and delicious. You should definitely try this tool out. It is worth the money.

2. Silicone Mini-Mitts

It is easy to use potholders or even a kitchen towel to handle your pressure cooker. However, these mini-mitts are the best when it comes to handling a pressure cooker. They will make easier than you thought when it comes to handling an electric cooker or lifting the lid of any cooker. These tools are also very good for the oven. And since they are waterproof, they will protect your skin and fingers in case you dip them in the boiling soup. With these handlers, you are definitely covered.

3. Flat edged wooden spoon Before you lock the lid of any pressure cooker, most recipes will require you to scrape and stir the pan’s bottom to ensure that nothing is sticking. When something sticks at the bottom of the pan, it means burning. You don’t want your favorite meal to come out of that port with the smell of burnt food. To avoid this, I would strongly advise a flat edged wooden spoon. This will give you the much needed contact with the pan and avoid sticking

4. Stick Blender If you constantly use pressure cookers, you will come to find out that you soups and stews will come out thin due to the lack of evaporation. Now, that’s where a stick blender comes. With this tool, you can scoop out a ladle of beans and the puree them and finally put them back, together with chili to make your soup thick. This will make your soups and stews deliciously thick. You should try it out.

5. Fat separator Most of the pressure recipes benefit from de-fatting. All you have to do is scoop the solids from the pressure cooker and then pour the liquid into a fat separator and then wait for the oil to rise up. The spout which is at the bottom allows you to remove the liquids and leave the fat.

Having learnt all this, it is definitely the time to go out and grab one of these accessories for your pressure cooker. They will make your cooking easy and fun. You may take help from electric pressure cooker reviews blog to aid in your decision to buy the top rated pressure cooker.

Learn these techniques to cook healthy food using air deep fryer

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There are many foods that could be deep fried such as onion rings, potatoes, poultry and donuts. Although people today can buy these items ready in a restaurant, they can also prepare them inside their home kitchens. But, there’s a danger to deep frying in hot oil as the latter can start fires or burn people. When a person does not cook his food in a secure temperature, it may cause a few foodborne diseases. Also, there’s danger in deep frying in oil which is not fat free as this will affect people’s overall health in terms of cholesterol and fat levels. That’s why a low fat deep fryer has been unveiled in the market. And the best one can be picked after reading this deep fryer reviews blog for great taste.

Deep-frying is something that many people have never attempted and instead have left to the fast sustenance outlets and restaurants. Deep-frying is very easy, however, when you know how it is done, and a deep fryer is the cleanest, safest way of deep-frying your sustenance.

How a Deep Fryer Works

It is important to read the deep fryer instructions carefully because different fryers work in different ways. You will also need the right oil to cook with because oils need different cooking times and the outcomes vary depending, which oil you utilize.

Empty the oil into the deep fryer, keeping it well beneath the indicated max fill line. If there is no max fill line, check the instructions. You will require enough oil so your nourishment is drenched however don’t top it right off because your sustenance will displace a portion of the oil.

There will be a temperature control on the machine, either a button or a handle. A few fryers let you know when the oil has reached the right temperature, yet if your machine does not have this feature, you should utilize a thermostat or drop a 3D square of crustless white bread into the fryer. If it turns brilliant chestnut after one moment, the oil is at the right temperature for deep-frying.

If the oil is too hot, the sustenance will be cooked on the outside and still partially raw inside. If the oil is not sufficiently hot, the sustenance will soak it up and turn out saturated.

Put the sustenance into the fryer, utilizing an opened spoons or tongs if there is no basket in the fryer. Try not to put too much sustenance in at once because this cooking technique is fast and cooking in batches is snappy and easy.

If you are frying solidified sustenance, attempt to brush off as many ice crystals as you can because they can cause spattering when they come into contact with the hot oil. Close the deep fryer top if there is one, while the sustenance cooks. Watch out for the clock to time your cooking and then evacuate the cooked nourishment with the basket, opened spoon, or tongs. Drain it on paper towels to absorb overabundance grease.

Delicious Deep Fried Chicken Recipes

Chicken is one of the most popular sustenances for deep-frying because this cooking strategy gives such great results. Homemade deep fried chicken is as great as anything you may get from a Kentucky Fried Chicken fast nourishment restaurant, and it is quite a lot more cost viable and convenient to make your own.

Also, you are not constrained to the KFC side dish options at home. You can make whatever you get a kick out of the chance to run with your fried chicken, for example, baked beans and mashed garlic potatoes or a stew plunging sauce or anything else you fancy.

Utilizing a deep fat fryer means you can make a KFC fried chicken formula at whatever point you want to, in the solace of your home. Deep-frying is easy and fast, and the outcomes are great.

Top 15 tips to keep your kitchen healthy


A neat and tidy well organized kitchen is what everyone desires. But most of the time your kitchen, along with its arrangements, becomes an absolute mess and you don’t have a single clue on how to organize your kitchen in such a way that working in the kitchen not only becomes smoother but also safer.
There are people who are very particular in their kitchen. This is normal and acceptable since kitchen is where we cook and prepare foods that give us energy all throughout the day so we definitely should keep the kitchen clean and beautiful. For people who love to cook, they spend time and money to be able to build a dream kitchen. So here are the Top 15 tips to keep your kitchen healthy:

1. Choose the right color – picking the right color for your kitchen will help you set the mood in the room. Usually white paint is used to make the room clean and pleasant but if you are willing to experiment you can also play with colors. Colors like orange, red, pink and peach are said to enhance appetite so you can put elements of these colors into your kitchen. But you can also go traditional with white – you can use dirty white or old towne white to maintain the modern but clean aura in this room.

2. Pick the right kitchen cabinets – kitchen cabinets make the kitchen more elegant and stylish. There are different kitchen cabinets that go well with different kinds of kitchens. If your kitchen is modern type then you can pick Espresso Checker Kitchen Cabinets which look really elegant in its milk chocolate color. If you want something with high quality and promise of durability then Maple kitchen cabinets are perfect for you. Maple material gives assurance that you can use this kitchen cabinet for long period of time.

3. Place a good lighting – lights can set the mood too so it is important to place a good lighting in your kitchen. Make sure that the light will keep you inspired to cook delicious foods for the whole family. A good lighting can also make the room look pleasant and beautiful.

4. Appliances – of course you should not forget about essential appliances that will help you in your daily activities in the kitchen. Appliances like oven toaster, microwave, coffee maker, rice cooker and others are important to complete the kitchen look. If possible, you can also pick the colors and designs of these appliances that will complement the whole look of your kitchen.

5. Be particular about the space – putting different appliances and furniture in the kitchen must be controlled as well. You still have to consider the space of your kitchen. No matter how much you love to put everything in your kitchen, you still have to maintain a spacious area wherein you can work and move around freely. Overcrowded kitchen can be a hindrance to your work so avoid this to happen.

Put resources into a scrubber that you can place cleanser in the handle. Along these lines you can wash as you go, disposing of immense heaps of grimy dishes. Drench all dishes that have dried on sustenance. This gives you a chance to utilize less elbow oil. Wash in gatherings flatware, glasses, bowls, plates, pots and container.

After your dishes are washed then you can begin cleaning your sink. By and by I find that cleaning the sink is the most troublesome piece of cleaning the kitchen. Both the sink and the spigots get messy quick and they are difficult to clean particularly on the off chance that they get oily.

For a consummately clean sink you can take after the accompanying strategy. In the event that you have a twofold sink clean every side independently. Begin by running some truly high temp water into one side of the sink. Fill your sink with boiling hot water to the edge. At that point, pour some family unit dye into the high temp water and let it sit for 60 minutes. Presently, pull the attachment without setting your hand in the sink. You can utilize a couple of tongs.

On the other hand if don’t have tongs, then scoop a portion of the water out of the sink into the other sink wear a glove and utilize your hand to pull the fitting. Wash your sink well with water and after that utilization a more clean. You can utilize any chemical like Comet, Ajax, or even your own particular home made cleaner and scour your sink and fixtures. After the scour wash all the more clean.

An extra stride in this procedure would be to utilize auto wax to make the sink truly sparkle. Keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from stains each time you run water in your sink, take your perfect dish towel and dry it out. Presently on the off chance that you have a stainless steel sink, after you splash your sink and flush well you can utilize steel fleece cushions (SOS cushions) to clean it and make it look like new.

After the dishes are done and set away, bear in mind the wipe-down. This makes your kitchen have that additional spotless look. When you’re wiping down, remember to wipe your ledges, the stove, the sink, your fixture, organizer entryways, the kitchen table and seats.

In the wake of everything is done you can continue by cleaning your microwave and your stove. Here’s a decent alternate way to cleaning your microwave: Top off some water and place it in there on high for a couple of minutes. The steam from the container will extricate any stuck-on sustenance, and after that you can simply wipe it away.

Stoves might be constant spotless or self-cleaning. Regardless of what the case is both sorts need cleaning. With both sorts of broilers you require keep up the inside clean. Self cleaning innovation fairly makes a difference. Be that as it may, nothing will help when you get enormous spills and splatters in your stove.

To save money on cleanup time when you know you are cooking, cover the base of the stove or skillet with aluminum foil. Try not to give the foil a chance to touch the warming component and it additionally utilizes an aluminum lined treat sheet underneath the rack or the dish you are cooking with.

To clean your broiler you can get a frosty procedure stove cleaner, or one that needs the broiler preheated first to commence the procedure. Some work in a couple of hours, some need overnight to work. In all cases take after the directions precisely and dependably utilize gloves.

Each kitchen is the heart of a home. Keeping your kitchen clean will help you keep your relatives sound and additionally motivate you to continue cleaning whatever is left of your home.

Kitchen is unquestionably a standout amongst the most vital parts of your home that you need to keep spotless and exquisite. It is not important to spend a great deal of cash but rather the critical thing is to pick great nature of furniture and the specified kitchen cupboards. Likewise recall to keep the cleanliness by the propensity for cleaning your kitchen and obviously the entire house to keep up a sound way of life and living condition.